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Concrete Suppliers Sheffield

Are you looking for concrete suppliers in Sheffield? Is searching for a company costing you money and time? At Bear Concrete, we are the number one concrete suppliers in Sheffield. We pride ourselves on honesty & reliability. All of our equipment is accredited, which means they are subject to regular and rigorous testing,  guaranteeing quality. We will deliver your concrete on site to your specification. At Bear Concrete, we have a proud history of delivering quality products and customer satisfaction. Get a quote today and use our concrete suppliers services in Sheffield today! We also have our concrete calculator so you can work out the right amount that you’ll need to be delivered.

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Our Concrete Suppliers Benefits 

We supply everything concrete in Sheffield for all types of construction projects and we use our mixer trucks to deliver your order to you. Our drivers take great pride in their jobs to provide quality service throughout. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we make sure to deliver your concrete on time. If you are unsure about what exactly you need or what volume you require, then talk to our team or use our concrete calculator. We will talk you through our services and offer you a competitive quote for our concrete supplier’s service in Sheffield. When using our services you can be assured that we are Friendly - Efficient - Reliable.

What Bear Concrete Offers

We offer a variety of different services here at Bear Concrete. We have been established over many years in working in this industry. Our staff have been handpicked to ensure that you will receive their expertise and their years of knowledge and experience. As concrete suppliers in Sheffield, we are able to provide you with the following services:

  • Alpha-Flo - Alpha-Flo is a self-compacting flowing concrete. Unlike traditional concrete, Alpha-Flo is less labour intensive and quicker to lay.


  • Foundation-Flo - Foundation-Flo is a fast-flowing concrete that makes filling foundations a breeze. The flowing nature of this product means laying and levelling footings has never been easier.


  • Ready Mix Concrete - Whether your project is private or commercial we can provide a mix design perfect for any job, no matter how small. Bear Concrete Ltd will provide an on-time delivery service to suit your needs.


  • Pumping Concrete - Take the backache out of your project by using our concrete pumping service. We can pump concrete from the roadside to exactly where you need it.


Contact Us

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Why not book us today for all your concrete needs! We are friendly and reliable concrete suppliers in Sheffield. All of our equipment is accredited, which means they are subject to regular and rigorous testing, guaranteeing quality. We will ensure to provide you with a fantastic service throughout, ensuring all your concrete supplier’s needs are met. To find out more about our concrete supplier services in Sheffield, contact us today on 01246 690060 or fill in a contact form below. Don’t forget to use our concrete calculator to get the exact amount of concrete you need.

  • Why Should I Use Ready Mix Concrete Instead Of A Standard Cement Mix?
    We take special care when making our ready mix concrete. Our ready mix concrete is made under controlled conditions and with first-rate materials, ensuring you a high quality result. In addition, the use of ready mix concrete saves you time and is more environmentally friendly due to more efficient cement mixing. We can provide prescribed mixes, designated mixes and standardised prescribed concrete mixes, all to British Standards (BS8500-2). For special requirements and further clarification, contact our team today.
  • Does Pumping Concrete Cause a Lot of Mess?
    Concrete pumping can be messy so we would always recommend having a water supply to the pump and a place to wash out. A sheet of polythene is also a good idea. For a boom pump, there can be approximately 7-8 wheelbarrows of concrete left at the end which unfortunately can’t be pumped out. We have many years of experience in concrete pumping and our trained staff will help to ensure a smooth delivery. If you have any questions about concrete pumping or any of the other services we provide, contact us today!
  • Could Weathe Conditions Affect Ready Mix Concrete?
    Yes, the air temperature at the time of batching must be 3 degrees and rising or the concrete will not be of a guaranteed quality. We would be happy to reschedule with you if this is the case. Make sure to ask us any questions about our ready mix concrete.
  • What Preparations Do I Need To Make?
    Please seek your professional builder’s advice for any preparations you may need to undertake before using our services. For any other queries, contact us at Bear Concrete and we'd be happy to help. We provide a multitude of different services. Many of our staff have years of experience in the construction industry and are more than happy to provide advice.
  • How Long Does It Take For Ready Mix Concrete To Set?
    Once water is added at the plant, the concrete will start to set. You will have on average between 1 and 2 hours to lay and level the ready mix concrete before workability is greatly reduced. We work tirelessly to ensure you have the optimal time to get the job done. All our drivers are highly trained and have many years of experience handly ready mix concrete.
  • How Do I Calculate How Much Concrete I Need?
    At Bear Concrete we have thought of everything. In order to calculate the volume of ready mix concrete required, use this formula: (Overall length x overall width x overall depth). Why not try our concrete volume calculator? We had it made just for this reason. If you have any questions about ready mix concrete or any other service that we provide, then contact us today.


Please use the handy concrete calculator to work out the volume of concrete you need.
Alternatively give us a call, we are more than happy to help.


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